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When Happiness Hurts

When Happiness Hurts
I have a Bucket List. Most people do, right? It became the 'thing' back in the late nineties, early aughts, and everyone was doing it. Hell, they even made a movie. So I avoided having such a thing, because,...well, I never wanted to think about my dreams, or rather, the lack of them.
Depression does that. Steals dreams. Makes your forget, and puts ambition to sleep. A horrid affliction I fight every damn day, and it still tears at me, even now....even now, when I am so damn happy, that I hurt. Happiness is painful.
Well, here's why. I'm so happy I'm getting sick.

Thank you, to everyone. An honest, and painful, thank you. I may not be Number #1, but I feel like it.
To be within touching distance of one of my all time favorite authors is a privilege and joy. To even be in the same ANYTHING as some of these wonderful people is one of the greatest joys of my life. 
And I am so damn happy I can FEEL the happy! I can feel this joy! I'm alive, s…