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Regrets and Apologies
It is with a deep sense of chagrin and apology that I need to inform you all that I’ve canceled the April 29th, 2016 release of Wolf of the Northern Star. I am well aware that this will mark the second time I’ve had to delay releasing the sequel to Wolves of Black Pine.  The first cancellation was due to my health disintegrating at an alarming rate, and my inability to write the book. Thankfully I recovered enough to continue to write, but this time, fate has different plans for me. Due to unexpected events outside my control, I will need to postpone the release yet again. While I don’t want to let you, the reader down, forcing myself to release the book when I can’t give 100% of my focus to making sure it’s the best product possible is not an option. I can assure all my readers and fans that the book is nearly complete. If this change hadn’t occurred, I would have been able to get this book out to you all right on schedule. I don’t expect things to…