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New Blog Home!

Moving To My Website
I've got a brand-new website that is taking over for my blogger. Instead of importing my blog posts to the new site, I will be posting from there from now on. 
It's @ and I can't wait to see you there! 

Come and Join Me!

The Secret of Obedience Release Day Guest Author Post

The Secret of Obedience By Liv Rancourt Release day November 27th, 2015!!
I want to welcome Liv Rancourt to my blog! A talented and fresh perspective in the m/m genre, and I can't wait to read this one! 

I love this cover. Elegant, sexy, mysterious.

BOOK BLURB Ronnie Durand is a country boy who transfers to the University of Washington after two years at Central. He'll have to give up playing football, though finishing his education at a major university in Seattle - and being out and proud without having to look over his shoulder - makes the sacrifice worthwhile. 
But finding friends at a huge school is tough, especially when the hottest guy Ronnie meets makes him doubt his own sanity.
Sang's been on his own a long time. He's only a couple steps away from living on the street, and he's got dreams so big they don't leave space for a steady boyfriend. Then he meets Ronnie, who just might be strong enough to break through his long as Sang lets him…

Wolf of the Northern Star Cover Reveal

Wolf of the Northern Star Cover Reveal!!!
Artwork by Kellie Dennis Book Cover By Design

Kellie is a genius. I have actually lost track of how many times I've said that....but she really is a genius. Kellie has never let me down, and I swear she reads my mind when it comes to cover art. 
It is a pleasure to share with the world the cover for Wolf of the Northern Star! Enjoy!
Wolf of the Northern Star is coming to ereaders in January 2016. Preorder will go live in December 2015. 
Book TWO of The Wolfkin Saga.

After a lifetime apart, wolfkin Ghost and Kane are reunited. Together they defeat an old enemy and root out a festering evil from the center of their clan and family. Ghost, once known as the cub Luca, is finally home. Back among his kind and learning what it means to be both a man and a shaman, Ghost battles the expectations of his people, his family, and the pressures of a society that is both foreign and familiar. His power is greater than any seen before, dwarfing t…

November is the Month of Plenty

Too Many Delights Books this Month:

Bred For Love Book Three: A Royal Rebellion  by Revella Hawthorne (me)
Saving Silas by SJ Himes Published in the Home For The Holidays A M/M Anthology
This month is full of releases, recent releases, and purely awesome talent that leaves me swooning. Aside from my own books that are coming out this month, there was a very recent release I'd like to share with the world--M.A. Church's Behind The Eight Ball.

Behind the Eight Ball by MA Church
Here's the blurb:
Fur, Fangs, and Felines: Book Two 
A cool morning, a yard full of birds, and a kitty on a mission. What more could a werecat want? Beta Heller Wirth has it all, except a mate—a shifter mate, that is. The last thing he wants is one of those dangerous humans who kill without remorse. Heller knows about that firsthand. So what does the goddess Bast do? She gives Heller exactly what he does not want—a human: business owner Lawson Dupre. 
Lawson hasn’t a clue what just happened in his ca…

A Royal Rebellion

A Royal Rebellion*** Release Date November 10th, 2015 *** Book Three of the Bred For Love Series

Runaway Characters....In More Ways Than One
Never did I expect to have a Nanowrimo writing challenge blossom into a three book series about Mpreg--BUT it did! And I don't regret a second of it at all.
And don't think for a second that I'm done at three books, either. There happens to be a certain captain of the guard who needs some love, too.....
Official Blurb:

Third Book in the Bred For Love Series 
Hunted by the crown, Prince Edward of Cassia struggles to adjust to his new reality. His consort and lover Percy is pregnant with their child. Their friend, Abelard Reynard, a former captain in the Royal Guard, never strays far from Percy or Edward, determined to keep them both safe. Edward, no stranger to hard work, is still at a loss when the hardship of a life on the run catches up with them. Percy's pregnancy progresses at a rapid rate, and the palace guards are always a step behin…

Nighttime Wishes MA Church

Aliens and Tentacles, Oh My!
Getting off on Weird
Blurb:When you wish upon a star... it comes true in ways you never expected.

Make A Wish, Book 1

Ziang, a tentacled warrior from the planet Maz’Rar, has come to Earth to claim his most precious prize and start a new life. When an unforeseen accident results in a crash landing, his plan for a quick removal of the human Shawn lays in a twisted ruin at his feet, much like his shuttlecraft. If that isn’t enough, the FBI is sniffing around.

Confronted by the very same alien who observed him since he wished on a shooting star as a child, Shawn finds his initial inability to communicate with Ziang leads to misunderstanding and fear. Forced to hide until rescue arrives, tensions mount. Shawn learns of Ziang’s intentions of taking him as a mate. Ziang, on the other hand, is completely befuddled at Shawn’s less than stellar response to said taking. 

As they wait, a spark ignites. Turns out humans and Maz’Rarians are very compatible - tentacles and all…

It's NOT a Phase

It's NOT a Phase
Why is bisexuality so hard to accept? Why is it considered a phase, a transient inclination that disappears once a pairing is made, regardless of gender?
Here's true story.
I'm Bi.
I learned this truth about myself in sixth grade. I knew I was supposed to notice boys, because that's what girls do, right? Notice boys and giggle and act silly, etc etc.... Well, I was noticing girls too.
I'd notice how cute they were, or how pretty they looked, or loved the way Girl A laughed vs how Girl B flounced down the hall like a princess. I had NO idea at first that it wasn't normal. I just knew that I noticed boys, and that I noticed girls. 
Flash forward two years. 8th grade. Last year before high-school. We were all thinking we were the big kids on campus. The ALMOST high-schoolers. Acting like we ran the world.  
And Mother Nature was rearing her ugly head. The TMI section of this blog is about to commence, so stop reading if talking about sexual urges makes y…

Resist- Review and Giveaway

By Heather C. Leigh

5 Stars
Usually when I hear about an M/F author dipping his or her toes in the delectable pool of wonder that is the M/M genre, I'm hesitant to give the book a try. The chemistry between a man and a woman is very similar to that of a man to man, but there's a fundamental difference that many authors can't grasp their first time writing a male only couple.
I was very quickly reassured. Heather C. Leigh roped me in fast. Her style, while not sparse, is fast-paced, smooth, and gives off a frenetic energy that's hard to resist. (wink)  Mitch is the biggest case of denial I've ever seen. And, reading M/M now for a couple years exclusively, I've seen some men in denial--and he wins hands down.
Ms. Leigh does a great job of showing the reader the tension between Mitch, our retired FBI agent, and Gavin, our slightly spoiled rock star. Gavin is immediately attracted, but confused by Mitch's conflicting behaviors, and comes across as a brat more o…

The King's Command

Bred For Love The King's Command Book Two of The Bred For Love Series SJ Himes Writing as
Revella Hawthorne

Official Blurb:
Percy is pregnant. He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy. Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove, Prince Edward's country estate. There they stay in pre-baby bliss, until the christening of the Cassian Dynasty's newest princeling approaches. Prince Edward decides to risk King Henry's wrath, and brings Percy back to the capital to attend his nephew's christening, putting his and Percy's unconventional relationship front and center in the media and the court. Greed and betrayal combine to place Percy and their unborn child in danger, and the capital, once a place of power and strength for Prince Edward, becomes a prison. Percy is confronted by the reality of his social status and what exactly it means to be the collared consort of a Cassian blood prince--and how dangerous that …

When Happiness Hurts

When Happiness Hurts
I have a Bucket List. Most people do, right? It became the 'thing' back in the late nineties, early aughts, and everyone was doing it. Hell, they even made a movie. So I avoided having such a thing, because,...well, I never wanted to think about my dreams, or rather, the lack of them.
Depression does that. Steals dreams. Makes your forget, and puts ambition to sleep. A horrid affliction I fight every damn day, and it still tears at me, even now....even now, when I am so damn happy, that I hurt. Happiness is painful.
Well, here's why. I'm so happy I'm getting sick.

Thank you, to everyone. An honest, and painful, thank you. I may not be Number #1, but I feel like it.
To be within touching distance of one of my all time favorite authors is a privilege and joy. To even be in the same ANYTHING as some of these wonderful people is one of the greatest joys of my life. 
And I am so damn happy I can FEEL the happy! I can feel this joy! I'm alive, s…

Where The Wolves Run

Where The Wolves Run Wolves of Black Pine by SJ Himes
Release Day, June 30th 2015 It's Alive!

Starting out, months and months ago, writing was the means I used to escape. I tried to get away from the frustration, the helplessness, the grief I felt at being stuck in a life I could no longer stand. Depression is a vile and cloying disease that steals hope and ambition, and kills dreams faster than anything in this world.  To survive, I latched onto whatever I could that generated even the tiniest bit of happy, and what happened snowballed into the miracle I now call my profession. I may pull a day job to cover the bills, but what I call myself now is.... WRITER. Author.
I create worlds that bring me peace and happiness, and the stories I kept to myself for years, my escape from reality, are now alive, a force of nature and words that are inescapable and powerful. 
Back in August of 2014, I read an m/m shifter story, and while it was sexy and well-written, it left me unsatisfied. Tha…