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World of The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3

World of the Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3 Definitions, Terms and Concepts

The Veil
As I mentioned in a previous post:
"Tapping the veil", ie accessing a limitless dimension of magical energy that exists parallel and adjacent to this dimension. It exists between all parallel universes and realities. The veil can only be breached by magic users with sufficient personal strength. A natural, potential ability for all sorcerers that still requires training, and the more personal stamina, talent, and skill a sorcerer has, the longer they can access the veil. Extremely dangerous for an untrained practitioner to access the veil, and sorcerers have died before or killed others accidentally with veil-drawn power when their personal store of energy becomes exhausted or they lost focus due to mental fatigue. Only the best sorcerers can recharge themselves as they tap the veil while also utilizing it.
The veil can be accessed by a sorcerer through a mysterious means called "tapping", a…