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Earning His Trust by Alicia Nordwell Review and Giveaway!

Upcoming Release and Review Earning His Trust By Alicia Nordwell

Title: Earning His Trust Author: Alicia Nordwell Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release Date: Sept. 6th, 2017 Price: $4.99 Genre: Contemporary Length: 38,718

Blurb:  Evin lost the only two men he ever loved. But he might get a second chance with one of them—if he’s willing to take the risk.   
Following the death of his husband, Evin is living in Portland and raising the infant son they had through a surrogate. Six-month-old Micah is his life, and if it means no time for activities or friendships beyond his minuscule support network, that’s a sacrifice Evin is willing to make. When he suffers a burn baking teething biscuits, the last person Evin expects to encounter in the ER is Ben, his lover from college—and the man who left him without a word of explanation.   
Ben knows it won’t be easy to earn Evin’s trust and prove he’s not the same man Evin once knew, but he can’t bear to watch Evin struggle to care for Micah, hurting and al…