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New Look

Cover art by Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design Book Cover By Design
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I'll just leave this picture right here.......Mmmhhhmm. Got my first erotica a brand-new cover. I can't design anything visual and artsy to save my life.  Kellie Dennis is a master, she is amazing. I'm going to commission her for everything I write.
The sequel, The King's Command, is slated for release in late August. Popping out 3k words a day I can be done in two weeks, plenty of time to get it edited and a new cover designed for it!

As Natural As Breathing Review

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Pleasantly Tangled 3.5 Stars

First, I enjoyed the book. It was sweet, sexy, and charming. Christian is delightfully wounded with a grasping need to be who he truly is past his own insecurities and traumas. Logan is a buoyant charmer with a ready smile and quick wit...and a steady hand with a paddle. I'll explain the 3.5 rating below. 

While Christian is the older man in the relationship (by only five years, but in your twenties, that can be a huge maturity gap), and a veteran of the Middle Eastern conflicts, he is the more damaged of the two men, wounded mentally, emotionally, and physically by his service and the betrayal he suffered at the hands of his own men. Logan is younger, and at first glance, a bit of an effervescent playboy. That's just the surface though, for both men, and Thianna does an admirable job of peeling back the layers to get to the core of each man, and showing us who they truly are, and who they can be together.


Thianna D cl…

Review for No Place Left To Run

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No Place Left To Run
4 Stars
Zarah Detand did a marvelous job with No Place Left To Run. The style of writing, the mechanics, was at first too abrupt for me, with characters receiving little to no clarification as to who they were before the plot picked up and made me forget about pesky things like back story. I'll be honest, at first I was put off by this, but I pushed through the first two chapters and found myself very happy I kept reading. The plot keeps moving, the characters and the two MC's are never stagnant, and the way Detand keeps the internal monologues and personalities of Samuel and Ryan distinct and separate was masterful. Eventually, as the MC's get to know each other, the reader is let in on the private lives and pasts of our two lovers, at nearly the same pace as they learn about each other. A great idea, as it kept the story moving, and helped to avoid the stereotypical bodyguard trope that is so overplayed in romance novels today. …