Hell Hath No Fury

One of my teachers told me once to "write when you're mad, write when you're sad, write when your heart is broken and ground to dust. You'll never write better than when your control is gone."

How very true.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm moving back home. And I'm transferring within the same agency, so I get to keep my job. (yay)

Anyhooos.... Some one I long counted as a friend decided to take his chance (since I'm leaving in 2.5 weeks) to spread all kinds of shit about me. Rumor mongering. I hate it. I hate it so much.

No one told me that high school was gonna be forever. Why is this shit still happening?

How damn hard is it to treat people nicely, to be a decent human being? How is this hard? Do unto to others and all that, I know we've all heard it.

No excuses. No justification for starting something without provocation just to make yourself look better. If your life is so damn miserable that tearing other people down is the only thing you can do to make yourself happy, GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.

I will defend myself. I will make you hurt if you hurt me. I won't strike first. But I will most certainly throw the last, and final, punch.


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