Debuts, and Home Again

My debut erotica as Revella

So, I'm back. Kinda disappeared for a while, didn't I?
Wasn't on purpose.  
Kinda. Maybe.

Moved a thousand miles away from the place I made my home for a decade. 
Came BACK to where I grew up.  Moved into my old high school friend's spare room, had to move right back out due to extreme cold weather and the extra 30 minutes drive to work. 
Which is still unbearably long, btw. Two hours to get to work each day is WWAAAYY too much 


So, here I am. Several days ago, I released my debut erotica under my pen name, Revella Hawthorne. 'Revella' for my fanfiction name, 'Hawthorne' cuz it's cool and my sister came up with it. Sounds nice, she did a good job on that one.

(The book cover and it's link are at the top, if you're curious, go take a look.)

It's doing fairly well, far better than I was expecting. I broke the Top 100 for all three of my categories, and I tell ya now, I stared at the screen and blinked back some tears. I was expecting nothing, so as not to be let down if it didn't do okay. No expectations is better than having them crushed, right? 
Well, I did okay, and it's still doing okay. I can take okay. 
(Now all I need is some reviews.)

Living now with my OTHER sister, her fiance, and her five yr old son. He's adorable. I actually never met him before I moved back home. He was born while I was 'gone', as he now says. He is cute, and most definitely my sister's child. ;-)

I may not be alone, at home that is. BUT, at work, I feel very alone. I like a few of the people who have made a genuine effort to get to know me and make me welcome, but everyone else is just atrocious. Either so reserved as to act like I'm not even there, or completely fake, ingratiating and irritating. I can't have perfection, but can some of the Nor'eastern Reserve flake off just a bit so I can finally breathe?  Does anyone have a real smile anymore? I got spoiled by the Midwestern Cheer, even if it came hand in hand with mild bigotry and religious superiority. (Now don't get mad at me, it was a culture shock moving out to the Midwest, and first impressions are hard to shake, even ten years later. I finally found plenty of ppl in Indiana who were NOT bigots, and didn't invite me to their church EVERY Sunday for ten years.)

Hard at work at keeping the depression away, and making my life head in the direction I want. Do I expect to be able to live off of my books and write fulltime? Nope. That's a dream. I'd need more support than I have now, and everyone else is struggling too. fulltime, write fulltime, sleep never. 

My novel, Wolves of Black Pine, is coming out on Amazon on June 30th, 2015. Final edits due June 20th. 

Back to the book!

P.S.- Everyone find their happy, okay?


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