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4 Stars

Zarah Detand did a marvelous job with No Place Left To Run. The style of writing, the mechanics, was at first too abrupt for me, with characters receiving little to no clarification as to who they were before the plot picked up and made me forget about pesky things like back story. I'll be honest, at first I was put off by this, but I pushed through the first two chapters and found myself very happy I kept reading. The plot keeps moving, the characters and the two MC's are never stagnant, and the way Detand keeps the internal monologues and personalities of Samuel and Ryan distinct and separate was masterful. Eventually, as the MC's get to know each other, the reader is let in on the private lives and pasts of our two lovers, at nearly the same pace as they learn about each other. A great idea, as it kept the story moving, and helped to avoid the stereotypical bodyguard trope that is so overplayed in romance novels today. In fact, there is little to be called stereotypical about No Place Left To Run once you get past the surface, especially in regards to the Main Characters. Detand pulled a fast one with her boys, and it was well played.
For the story itself, it does start out fairly standard for a bodyguard novel. Famous singer in danger, wants a normal life, doesn't want guards, etc. Yet here is where it deviates: instead of feeling safe that the protection detail is there, even undercover, the sense of impending danger doesn't fact, the creep factor foes up. Fast. Standard stalker fair predictions went out the window fast after the first few scary instances, and I was left wondering just what was going on...and who the hell can the boys trust? Usually I can spot the clues left in place for who the villain is by the 2/3 mark of a book, but NOPE, I was shocked. *applause*
I won't spoil the ending, or any of the major plot points. Just take my heartfelt advice on this book-- READ IT. Loved it. In fact, I plan on rereading it again after I hit submit on this review. 

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review, and I'm really glad I got a chance to read it. This is going on my Reread pile for sure.


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