Freaking Out

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Getting down to the wire. Gawd, I'm nervous. What if no one likes it? What if no one reviews? What if its horrible, and no one told me?


Okay, I feel marginally better now. I can't help but freak out. This is a huge deal for me. Even bigger than the erotica. The erotica I knew was good, and and I didn't really freak because it was for a niche market and was bound to deal well there. Here, now, Wolves is for a broader audience, and may not do well at all. And i'm terrified. Not because I want sales to be awesome, though that would be great, it's because i'm carrying this fear around that I'm not good enough to be worthy of living my dream.

To write. Just write. And be happy doing it.


  1. I saw and read the prologue + 2 initial chapters on wattpad and I freaked out discovering it was not posted completely. So I had to order on amazon. Intrigued and amazed, I want to know what happened next and was kinda intrigue with how Luca and Kane might end up being together and dispell the centuries old disunion of shaman and alphas or something... gosh I'm so hooked now AF. Looking forward to finishing reading.


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