The King's Command

Bred For Love

The King's Command

Book Two of The Bred For Love Series

SJ Himes Writing as

Revella Hawthorne

Official Blurb:

Percy is pregnant. He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy. Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove, Prince Edward's country estate. There they stay in pre-baby bliss, until the christening of the Cassian Dynasty's newest princeling approaches. Prince Edward decides to risk King Henry's wrath, and brings Percy back to the capital to attend his nephew's christening, putting his and Percy's unconventional relationship front and center in the media and the court. Greed and betrayal combine to place Percy and their unborn child in danger, and the capital, once a place of power and strength for Prince Edward, becomes a prison. Percy is confronted by the reality of his social status and what exactly it means to be the collared consort of a Cassian blood prince--and how dangerous that place of honor can be. 

Caught between the orders of King Henry and the dangers to be found in Court and city, Percy and Edward strive to protect themselves, their love, and their unborn child. 

The Process of Making a Sequel

Writing a series is easier, and harder than I ever expected it to be. Easier, in that as the books progress, I don't have to do as much world building, and I can get to the actual story-lines and plot. I can introduce new characters and evolve old ones, and I can move the books wherever I want...EXCEPT.....and here's the hard part:
I am restricted by what came before. Continuity is a vital, and often under-appreciated element of writing a series. I have to make sure I'm honoring the books that came before, and moving them in the direction laid out in the previous book. I can't waste a plot point, I have to carry the clues from before, I have to protect the characters, and let their potential explode across the pages in such a way that makes sense based on their previous experiences. 
And this is so much harder than I thought it would be...and also a joy.


Percy, in The King's Command, is still the sweet, submissive and gentle breeder we all know and love. BUT--he's also a thinking, breathing, feeling HUMAN man, and I had to lead him to that realization with kid gloves, and some not so nice scenes. I had to get Percy to the point where he breaks--and becomes something more than he was before. He'll always look to Edward to lead, but Percy grows to realize that he has a voice too, and that Edward will never treat him as 'less' for expressing it. 


Edward, Eddie, Ed....Prince of the Blood. Farmer, lover, leader, humble and yet arrogant in the way that only the truly royal can be, that innate presence that comes from having a dynasty behind you.
Edward is challenged in The King's Command much as Percy is--put under strain, in ways he could never have foreseen or prevented. His status has always been an source of strength and protection for the youngest son of the sitting Monarch, and while he never abused it, he still benefited from all the perks of being a Cassian Royal and Prince of the Blood. yet in The King's Command, Edward is confronted by betrayal, and it's not something he can turn to his family for protection from--as they are the ones from whom he needs protection!

Edward and Percy are put under strain. Impossible and powerful, and aggravating. Frustration, anger, bitter disappointment all converge on Percy and Edward. They will find new friends willing to risk everything to help them....for reasons of their own.



“Hello, little one,” Edward said with a smile, raking a hand through his solid black hair, dislodging the last few stubborn snowflakes from the longish locks. He smiled down at Percy, his tanned skin flushed from cold, dark brown eyes shining. “Were you waiting long?”
            “No, master,” Percy blushed as Edward bent down, gifting him a sweet kiss before shrugging out of his coat and tossing it to the floor. “I just got up.”
            “What have a told you about that?” Edward growled with a grin, reaching out and tugging Percy into his arms, nuzzling his still cold nose in the thick hair behind Percy’s ear. “Call me Edward when we’re alone, little one.”
            “Yes, master,” Percy sighed with a smile, and he let his head fall back as Edward gently nibbled his way down his neck. Edward growled again, a smooth rumble that made Percy shiver, and his master sucked on the vulnerable skin just above the consort collar. Percy leaned into the hot mouth and raced his small hands under Edward’s thick sweater, touching firm flesh. His prince moaned, tongue slipping up his neck, landing behind his ear and nibbling at the tender skin, and Percy gave himself over to the desire building fast.
            Edward lifted his head, and let go of Percy, stripping himself fast, dark eyes burning with a lust that made Percy’s body respond faster. His tight hole clenched, and he whimpered, feeling the slick lubricant his body naturally produced begin to build between his ass cheeks. Edward was stripped bare in seconds, and his hard, aroused body plastered to Percy’s entire front. The robe was gone in a blink, pooling at their feet as Edward lifted Percy off the floor, mouths coming together in a wet tangle of tongues.
            “Lunch can wait,” Edward gasped, tearing his mouth away from Percy’s and attacking his neck again, making Percy writhe in his arms. The bed suddenly appeared under them, and Percy found himself flat on his back, legs spread, with Edward’s lean hips resting between his thighs. Percy arched into the bigger man, needing more of his weight, wanting his hard body to press him down until he could no longer move, helpless and trapped.
“Are you feeling better, baby?” Edward whispered, need weighing down each word. Edward hadn’t touched him like he knew the prince wanted, the royal’s need to fuck him pressing in, demanding an outlet. Edward’s care and concern with Percy left him treating Percy like he was made of spun glass and he was frustrated too. Percy panted, and nodded, seeking out Edward’s mouth for another kiss. Edward wasted no time, both hands roughly lifting Percy’s legs up and out, bending him nearly in half.

Available August 15, 2015

And Coming Soon from SJ Himes 
Writing as
Revella Hawthorne

Bred For Love

A Royal Rebellion

October 2015

Book Three of the Bred For Love Series


  1. Ah just found and bought the first two! SO, SO happy the third book is already coming soon! YES!! <3 <3 I really look forward to it!


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