It's NOT a Phase

It's NOT a Phase

Why is bisexuality so hard to accept? Why is it considered a phase, a transient inclination that disappears once a pairing is made, regardless of gender?

Here's true story.

I'm Bi.

I learned this truth about myself in sixth grade. I knew I was supposed to notice boys, because that's what girls do, right? Notice boys and giggle and act silly, etc etc.... Well, I was noticing girls too.

I'd notice how cute they were, or how pretty they looked, or loved the way Girl A laughed vs how Girl B flounced down the hall like a princess.
I had NO idea at first that it wasn't normal. I just knew that I noticed boys, and that I noticed girls. 

Flash forward two years. 8th grade. Last year before high-school. We were all thinking we were the big kids on campus. The ALMOST high-schoolers. Acting like we ran the world.  

And Mother Nature was rearing her ugly head. The TMI section of this blog is about to commence, so stop reading if talking about sexual urges makes you uncomfortable.
Because that's what I was feeling. 

Just as badly as I wanted my boyfriend to kiss me, I wanted to kiss my best friend. When I happened to get a hug from a female friend I wanted to hold on just a little bit longer.

You know that under the skin heat that builds, that distracts you from common sense and makes us fall head over heels in lust with someone? That desire you feel when you meet someone that hits all the right buttons.....think about how that feels. Focus on how the sensation of desire makes you feel physically......

Here's my point....

What you feel for the person that revs you it male or female or any fabulous shade on the rainbow spectrum.....what YOU feel is what I feel.....for males and females. 

Of course, you gotta be my type, too.

I don't go around salivating over everyone with a pulse.

I'm not normal. I'm a writer. But that doesn't mean I'm in a phase, or leaving one, based upon the gender of the person I'm involved with. 


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