Resist- Review and Giveaway


By Heather C. Leigh

5 Stars

Usually when I hear about an M/F author dipping his or her toes in the delectable pool of wonder that is the M/M genre, I'm hesitant to give the book a try.
The chemistry between a man and a woman is very similar to that of a man to man, but there's a fundamental difference that many authors can't grasp their first time writing a male only couple.

I was very quickly reassured. Heather C. Leigh roped me in fast. Her style, while not sparse, is fast-paced, smooth, and gives off a frenetic energy that's hard to resist. (wink) 
Mitch is the biggest case of denial I've ever seen. And, reading M/M now for a couple years exclusively, I've seen some men in denial--and he wins hands down.

Ms. Leigh does a great job of showing the reader the tension between Mitch, our retired FBI agent, and Gavin, our slightly spoiled rock star. Gavin is immediately attracted, but confused by Mitch's conflicting behaviors, and comes across as a brat more often than a suave superstar. Thanks to the alternating POVs, we get to see inside both men's heads, and understand their actions, so I was never left thinking one was a jackass and the other a helpless brat. 
Mitch is endearing in his frustrations and obliviousness, and Gavin is heartbreaking with his wounded psyche and painful past.

The actual plot, that of mysterious stalker, comes in second place to the broiling tension between the two leads. The bodyguard trope is overdone, even in the M/M genre, so reading this book was actually a pleasure. It was a refreshing take on an overused plot device, and I am very thankful it never fell into a repetitive rehashing of every other bodyguard/stalker tale known to the romance world. While there are similar and familiar elements, Ms. Leigh takes her time to make us focus on the growing relationship and emotions between Mitch and Gavin, and less on the constant danger from the stalker. The mystery surrounding the stalker(s) plays out more in the background, even while we're reminded on each page why Mitch is there, and why Gavin is so stressed out.

This was a different read for me. Not due to this being the author's first foray into the land of M/M, but because of Ms. Leigh's writing style. She leaves out extraneous details, keeps the plot moving, and makes the reader focus on the two men instead of the world they live in--usually I like a well-fleshed out environment, and I thrive on details. There is just enough detail in the story to give me a snapshot of where and what, then it's right into the interactions and dialogue. Smooth and swift, and I liked it. 

I'm giving this book 5 Stars because of the intense and chaotic chemistry between Mitch and Gavin. I was addicted, and just as unable to stop as they were. 


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